2019 MC College New Designer Fashion Show

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I get shivers whenever I see a fashion show posting, a fashion innovation, a fashion risk taken, or even simply – sheer talent.

Well that’s the sum of the 2019 MC College New Designer Fashion Show that was held in Winnipeg on October 18th, 2019. This year’s event was held at a sexy venue – Audi Winnipeg – a new location in Winnipeg since 2018. New building, great outer facade (perfect for photo ops ;)), conducive to such a show that seated a familiar New York style fashion show. You can never go wrong with a U shape seating arrangement and allowing for a distinguished “front row seating” which I was fortunate enough to have received this year. (Thanks Anna!) I was privy to many photos and video captures, allowing me to go back and refer to once the show was over (I love doing this!)

I’ve been attending this “event of the year”, as I like to call it, for three years now. Each year I’ve gone, I’ve been hit with the post-event fashion passion bug. We got this Peggers!!! I love that Winnipeg harvests such talent. I love that Winnipeg has so much creativity and such talented designers. I love that Winnipeg HAS a bit of a fashion scene. I love the potential. I love the dream. I love Winnipeg.

Essentially, my goal is to grow this scene and get us out of our “sweats and slurpees” mindset. 😉 It’s time to make a Scene in the City <–caught that?!

Highlights of the show were hard to compare this year. So many goodies out there! Whether an eclectic mix of art, science, history and architecture, or a sustainable alternative promoting a positive change in the industry, or even yet the display of romance, femininity, color blocking and unique fabrics, or even a retro feel or spice from around the world – catch my drift? Leather, embroidery and bears oh MY! Ok, kidding about the bears LOL. Needless to say, I fell in love that night. Again.

(From left to right) Victoria Kesslering, Margaux Miller, Tracy Koga, Francine Fournier, Marli Tamiko Sakiyama

MC College has been hosting these sold out events for a decade now. A statement to the truth that fashion DOES exist in Winnipeg and that people like it. So why don’t we celebrate these emerging designers even more? The showcase of talent bred by this 12 month program is unspeakable. Stay tuned my dear Winnipeg…

The program starts in the fall and wraps up with the fashion show in October each year. Students in this program get to learn to sketch, sew, source fabric, construct patterns, brand their label, market their label, various business applications, how to fit your designs, plan for show display AND they construct all eight looks from start to finish. Of course, this comes after they’ve chosen a theme as inspiration for their collection, started the construction process (January) and have made their patterns and have commenced the sewing process of the actual garments (May).

Needless to say, it’s an intense cycle and for the – only if you’re serious – type of students which provides measurable results. Some of MC’s students have even been featured at Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, in Elle Canada magazine, Flare magazine, to name a few.

Students can expect to be well groomed in the fashion design industry and set on pace to launch their own brand, be placed within large companies throughout Winnipeg,  or even land an internship with some famous fashion houses around the world!!!

Mixing into an audience of family and friends, local media, government officials, MC College staff, alumni and students were Julie Pedersen (Julie Pedersen Design), Ken Lozano (Aldo Formal Wear/Sartorial Funk), Sarah Sue Design, Black Caviar, Tracy Koga (Ilikehue), Fashion Winnipeg Inc. (yours truly), AJ Batac (photography), reps from Canadian retailers, fashion influencers, fashion bloggers and the Winnipeg Fashion scene, to name a few.

This fashion show was once voted as one of the top three fashion events in Winnipeg, but I respectfully honor them THE top spot. A ten out of ten from my observation and a cudos for a job well done! <3

A huge shout out to MC College Fashion Design program, MC College Hairstyling & Esthetics students (who collaborated together to create the looks on this year’s runway) the folks at Audi, the Winnipeg fashion scene and our city in general.

Brilliant mention to this year’s designers: Andreas Youseph, Brynn Wiens, Hannah Castor, Jack Cherepak, Saidat Allimson, Sara Froese, Sara Tempel, and alumni student Victoria Michaluk ♥️♥️♥️

We are showing mad gains and being on the pulse of this action tickles me pink.

Thank you Winnipeg.




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