What we choose to wear tells people about our mood for the day, about our personality, and even what we think of ourselves.

I keep meeting new and amazing Winnipeggers, and keep getting the feeling that there IS a fashion world in existence here, we just need a little stitch or two to bring it all together.

This is where Fashion Winnipeg comes in.

Allow me to introduce myself to you, to your store, to your product, to your boutique, to your designs, to your creativity, to your focus. I want to hear what keeps you up at night. I want to be your champion and ambassador for all that is…fashion.

Fashion is an expression. Fashion can be very powerful and is unique to each and every one of us. Fashion is empowering, it can make a statement or even cause controversy. As with architecture, chemistry or theatrical design, there is a medium to study in fashion such as fabrics, colours, measurements and proportions. Fashion can be whatever you want it to be.

Fashion is you. Fashion is me. Fashion is Winnipeg ♥