Fashion Winnipeg goes to Vancouver Fashion Week

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Not even a connecting flight in Calgary, 1800+ kilometres, or the slightest amount of rain can put a damper on the mission that I’m about to take on. I get to fly to Vancouver, Canada to promote Fashion Winnipeg, fashion in Canada, and most specifically, fashion IN Winnipeg.

Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW), now in it’s 33rd season, has been growing and going strong for 18 years now. VFW is Canada’s only industry event that actively seeks to showcase international, award winning designers from 25+ global fashion capitals. WOW! I especially like the fact that they feature local and undiscovered designers too AND have international media coverage. What a great way to get discovered, and quick! 😊

In the next twelve hours, I shall be reporting directly from one of my favourite cities and old stomping grounds in British Columbia. Vancouver, such a beautiful city and boasting a forecast of 19 degrees Celsius and sunshine, is almost like going on a luxury vacation (for a fraction of the price!) 😉

Getting the opportunity to experience Vancouver Fashion Week, with a full-on media access is already a home run for me. Not only do I get to minimize the cost of the business trip, but I also get a taste for the action, front and centre. Literally.

I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now, and love that I have the best job in the world too. Not only do I get to be a mother to my beautiful 11-year-old son Nicho, I get to live out my dream and pursue a life long fantasy of becoming a ferocious fashion entrepreneur. 😊

I’m tickled pink and humbled by all of this and thank each of you for following my path. Thank you for helping me grow a fashion product in our fine city, WINNIPEG. I firmly believe that we are ready to be put on the fashion map, grow our industry locally, and that our fashion future is bright. 😎

I’m excited to share my stories and encounters with you. I look forward to the friendly new faces and relationships that I’m about to make and solidify. I’m also grateful that my new friends and colleagues, Janice Ronan & Natasha Ramjohn, will be joining me in Vancouver for the next week. They are a fashion and PR powerhouse from Toronto, Canada, a force to be reckoned with, and will be my guiding light throughout this crazy extravaganza. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ladies. ❤️

Cheers everyone and stay tuned for tons of fashion action! 💋



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