The Hue Crew welcomes back Francine Fournier (Fashion Winnipeg) and sits down with Anna McGregor Director of MC College and fashion designer Amy Aingidlik, who’s fashions reflect her Inuit upbringing. We show off her unique parkas that have the Crew wanting to buy them all!

The Hue Crew welcomes back Francine Fournier (Fashion Winnipeg). We go all out on local fashion designers and how can we keep them? And oops, be aware of fishy phone texts…

The Hue Crew welcomes back Francine Fournier (Fashion Winnipeg), returning from Paris amid fashion, entertainment and armed soldiers! Plus find out the hottest item to have this fall/winter! And yes, there is a baby too…find out who’s it is!

Hue Crew Episode 22 just released on our podcast TODAY!!!
Malinda Lee joins the Hue Crew and guest panelist Francine Fournier of Fashion Winnipeg to share her family story about love and building a community that has become one of the city’s most prosperous and philanthropic. Malinda also reveals a rare genetic disease that has tragically touched several members of the Lee family. And a surprise connection between Malinda and an audience member is discovered!

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Actress, screenwriter and director Onalee Ames talks to the Hue Crew and Francine Fournier from Fashion Winnipeg about her career as an actor in LA, all the people she has coached and trained, and how she has found balance in a truly negative world of acting. And we amaze her with an all female crew behind the lens!! Find more about Onalee at Onalee Ames Film Studio. New Hue Crew Episodes every second Monday!

Ken Lozano has created his own fashion line that reflects who he is, and hopes people will embrace his passion to be who they really are and want to be.

Creative fashion designer Ken Lozano releases his signature new line Satorial Funk in the most unusual way, with family and friends in attendance!

The Hue Crew braves -22 degrees weather at Festival du Voyageur and introducing Francine Fournier and Fashion Winnipeg!

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