The Fashion Winnipeg guide to HALLOWEEN

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Written by: Rashi Bindra

Halloween is just around the corner and unlike our teenage years where a painted face didn’t cause much skin damage, costumes were expected to be an overly sexualized version of something and dancing till dawn didn’t hurt our feet; as we get older, all of the above just doesn’t cut it. The effort isn’t worth it nor is the aftermath.  

This doesn’t mean that halloween can’t be fun, it just means we have decided to go the adult route where our skins, bodies and sex appeal all grew up at the same time. 

For costumes lets skip the sexualizing something or the other and focus on fashionable spooky. 

Formal wear such as lace black gowns or any gowns can work as a costume where you can still show off the body and be a character. Starlets, vampires, mermaids; are examples of costumes with the right  hair / makeup and accessories.

John Galliano Fall 2007 Ready to Wear Fashion Show

Get creative by taking an element you really like such as a makeup. Find images on pinterest of creative halloween makeup you fall in love with and build your costume around that; example colorful makeup can allow for a unicorn costume. Or take a movie character you like and make it your own. Did you  see Joker? If you are a woman- a deep green blazer and purple tutu skirt can be the foundation for building your costume. 

If you are a couple, have fun with the costumes. Take a cue from  the hit TV Series, How I Met Your Mother, and do what Lily and Marshall would do; be the Salt and Pepper shaker  or Jack Sparrow and The Parrot; essentially the goal should be a fun believable costume that also makes your significant other excited about Halloween. 

Book your makeup artist in advance especially if you are going for a detailed look; unless you can re-create your look from a youtube tutorial. If you plan to do that,  it is highly recommended that you practice your look weeks or days in advance just so you aren’t struggling on the night off. Prep your skin prior with an exfoliation, and hydrating mask. Whether you are getting your makeup done, or doing it yourself, make sure your brushes are clean, your skin moisturized  and a primer is used as a base. Post event, it may sound tiresome but take the time to clean your face with makeup remover and coconut or avocado oil just so the skin isn’t being dried out. Once cleaned apply a face serum to repair the skin from the makeup damage. And if your partner did celebrate with you, same rules apply.

Wear comfortable shoes for so many reasons. One, with your costume,  the dancing and walking around just makes it easier as well as with the weather being a personal favorite reason of lowering the 4inch heels into something more walkable unless you are a superwoman who can live in them ( what is your secret???). 

Last but not least, hydrate! It is just good for your skin  as well as giving a bit more time for the alcohol to hit you if you are drinking. Also, don’t drive. Use an uber, or any taxi service that doesn’t require to be behind the wheel and have a safe, fashionable halloween!

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