Toronto Fashion Week Toronto, Canada

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The one hour delayed flight with excess turbulence on the way to Toronto was WELL WORTH IT! For the amount of contacts that I made, for the business, the amount of new friendships that I’ve created, for myself, it’s safe to say that things are definitely headed in the right direction. I am tickled pink and confident for the future of fashion in Winnipeg, that is, for Fashion Winnipeg.

My goal is to create fashion passion here.  “Making a Scene in the City” as my company moniker so proudly represents, is just that.  I wish for a larger buzz surrounding this industry, this expressive artform, popular trends, local retail and for fulfilling this personal dream of my own.

Going to Toronto Fashion Week FW19 has always been part of this dream. This was part 1 of my year long (2019) research project.  I anticipate being in attendance at every single fashion week scattered across our beautiful country this year.  Each time, I plan on learning from the last. Keeping what I liked, and ridding of the rest. What better way to learn?

Nine fashion shows later, three after parties, two live podcasts, and one lifestyle photo shoot later-I have all the content I need. I was blown away by the friendliness and warmth that I felt while in Toronto. Everyone that I met was kind and encouraging. My quick four day trip was short and sweet, and to the point.

Highlight of the trip? Not only did I fulfill my personal goal of even spotting my life long idol – Jeanne Beker – I got to meet her! My fingers trembled as I gave her my 30 second elevator pitch and business card. I filled her in with what my mission was for our beautiful little city. This encounter could not have come at a better time. It seemed perfectly planned as she exclaimed that she’ll be in Winnipeg in May. I reassured her that I already have my tickets for this and greatly anticipated her discussion. A little more follow up with her and the sky is the limit!

Please stay tuned to for further blogs and highlights of anything and everything fashion.  Most importantly, don’t keep your passion for fashion a secret!

Until the next time!


PS – Cream always rises to the top!


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