Vancouver Fashion Week–F/W19–Day Five

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Are we there yet? A question that is signifying, three-fold:
A: What have we learned from this experience, and where will this take us?
B: Are we wrapping up the shows yet? (kidding but not kidding)
C: Are we home yet? (my goodness I miss my baby boy! K fine he’s 11, but he’s still my baby boy!)

A bitter sweet feeling is felt throughout our condo this afternoon. Yes, we’ve had a blast, yes, we’ve developed amazing life long friendships, yes, we have become ferocious business partners and yes, we all share a deep love for all that is FASHION but yes, we are excited to return to our respective homes, families and routines.🏠

Tonight marks our final night at VFW. Insert sigh here. Night 5. The second last evening for VFW. Too bad we don’t get to catch the finale, but my goodness, it’s been an amazing and fruitful ride. Business meetings, interviews, meeting key designers, relationship development, being LIKED (which is huge) and making a statement on all the fellow gazers, paparazzi and personnel. Our fashion trio is strong, sponsored outfits on each of us, electrifying and fierce. We came here, nearly strangers, only to share our love for the game, yet have become so much more than that. I am grateful for our spicy personalities and can’t wait to work with you ladies again. Much love to you, Janice Ronan, and Natasha Ramjohn. ❤️

Now back to fashion 😛

Friday’s shows took us into the weekend with experimental unisex, urban streetwear and beautiful designs. HAMON, from Japan, closed the night with their thoughtfully designed, recycled collection that is inspired by the universal, human theme of transformation and reincarnation; and boy did they have a lot of looks! @ripple_yohinten

We ended our night at the famous Opus Hotel. An old stomping ground of mine, back in the Vancouver days. One of my girlfriends, Laura-Lee, joined us for our second last evening.  She’s always a great time, near and dear to my heart, loves fashion AND connected with rest of the trio, instantly. My highlight was the mini photoshoot that night. I had the privilege of wearing Aldo Formalwear, by Ken Lozano, and got tons of compliments. Talk about feeling hot hot hot!

That’s it for this short and sweet post!



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