Vancouver Fashion Week–F/W19–Day Three

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“Flash photography is recommended, I repeat, flash photography is recommended”. Words that permeated the atmosphere ahead of last nights’ final (and 13th) fashion show.

Wednesday was a jam-packed day, wow! Our fashion trio started off with an interview draft for (, a walk alongside the seawall, jaunt down Davie Street, then back to the condo to catch up on last night’s experiences.

As soon as we sat down, or so it seemed, my phone rang. Who was it? None other than the founder of Vancouver Fashion Week himself, Jamal Abdourahman! “I am at the venue and can meet right away, will that work?” “Uh, of course it will, we’ll leave in 30 minutes!” OH MY GOODNESS, another dream was about to come true. Like clockwork, we raced to get ready, three fashion girls needing to adjust hair/makeup/wardrobe (sharing one bathroom/mirror might I add) hopped in a cab and were on our way back to the venue.

As we rolled up, we ran into Nada from the brand Authentique. Nada is a fashion curator from Toronto and a client of the beloved Janice Ronan, PR Director from Fashion Foundry, and part of our fashion girl’s trio on this trip. We were about to embark on a backstage, behind the scenes treat immediately following our intimate meeting with the man himself, Jamal.

The interview with modest Jamal was amazing. It was transparent and heart felt. Jamal has a beautiful story, likes to help others and is genuine fashion lover. The main message that I left with was: If you build it, it’s yours, no one can take that away from you, and that hard work really does pay off.

He stands behind the vision for Fashion Winnipeg. He is supportive of the vision for a fashion week in Winnipeg too, and is willing to share whatever he can to see this dream take flight. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now and my heart is filled with warmth. ❤️

The meeting wrapped up and we headed back downstairs for the thrilling backstage/rehearsal experience of the label Authentique; the brand empowering Canadian and Egyptian designers. Janice Ronan, PR director for Fashion Foundry, invited us to catch a glimpse of how things work behind the scenes. It was exciting and cool to say the least!

Nada holds a Masters degree in eCommerce and is the curator for the unique and genuine designs directly sourced in Egypt. She also teaches a reoccurring fashion workshop there, which is intended to help girls develop their skills and confidence. Be sure to check out her virtual 3D fitting room on

Recap of my day three fashion highlights:
“eleni.” Stole the show AND my heart. Her “Ecouture” brand is well designed, of superb quality and something that I would wear in a heart beat. Not only this, she is a sweetheart, and this was her first ever fashion show! The standing ovation was well deserved.

“Nöelziñia” came in close second. With a romantic feel and “Fleurs Pressées” as the name of her collection, her choice of French music fit so eloquently. What I liked even more, was the adaption of her song choices; ballads performed by Lady Gaga in a “A Star is Born”. Perfect fit! (

Thirdly, FILICE ( and her wonderful power suits. The bold, structured and exaggerated silhouettes, reminded me of my own taste in “power wear”. Large shoulders, tailored fits and long tuxedo tails were seen throughout her designs.

I was instantly reminded of designer Ken Lozano from Winnipeg who was kind enough to dress me for Day Four of VFW!

Time for a break and thanks for reading!



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