Vancouver Fashion Week–F/W19–Day Two

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Day two of VFW opened and closed with local BC talent featuring fast paced, forward thinking, trendy and affordable designs. Aside from this, Tuesday’s vibe was more along the lines of edgy and political, coupled with soft elegance and lacy frills. Overall, it was a satisfying contrast featuring First Nations attire, bold eccentric neon colors and a little mix of adrogenous models walking down the runway. Nice combo! 😃

The evening seemed to fly by, so we decided to head upstairs and check out the show room, and boy were we ever glad we did! I gasped as we entered the room as my last blog’s highlight, Emi Jingu, was there and so were her CREATIONS! I was tickled pink to meet her and ask questions about her designs:

FW: “How long does it take you create one of your designs?”
EJ: “12 hours”
FW: “And how do you ensure that your balloon dresses don’t burst?”
EJ: “I double the balloons, two layers, one inside the other.”
FW: “Brilliant, so cool, and what a pleasure it was to meet you!”

Of course, I gave her my business card, told her about my hopes and dreams for Fashion Winnipeg, snapped a few photos and we were then on our merry little way.💛

Natasha, Janice and I wrapped up the evening with a scrumptious meal from The Greek by Anatoli, in the heart of Yaletown. The glass of Pinot Gris by BC’s own Cedar Creek was just what the doctor ordered. A few fresh ingredients from the local market nearby for our condo, and we called it a night.

What a fun one!



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